Do’s and Don’ts for working with your plasterer

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Hope you find my list of do’s and don’ts useful for a happy working relationship with your plasterer… and yes much of it involves tea as we are usually easily pleased.


  •  Answer the door with a smile on your face and look like you are happy to see me or at least expecting me.  It’s always nicer if customers are dressed when I turn up on time and don’t leave me standing on the doorstep while they have a shower.
  • Make a cup of tea straight away with refills every half an hour
  • Clear things from the room as we previously requested. Empty means empty.  We can make arrangements in advance for large items that are too difficult to move but our costs are based on time from what we have agreed with you previously and we have health and safety to consider.   Please note: large professional sized snooker tables and grand pianos will be covered with dust sheets and used as steps.
  • Pay promptly as agreed with a smile on your face


  • Make tea with UHT or powdered milk, or make tea in the microwave or in cups that have remains of bleach in them.
  • Leave the last bits of wallpaper for me to get off unless you don’t mind us charging you extra cost for the extra time this takes.
  • Use me as a child minder whilst I am skimming a ceiling and you pop to the shop for milk. 
  • Leave me with unsupervised mad dogs running about playing a game of “fetch the trowel”
  • Assume that the plaster will be white! All our quotes say it will be pink (the colour of standard multi-finish plaster).  There is an extra option provided in our quotes for painting or for using white plaster.

 For my part I will

  • Wear jeans that fit, have no rude slogans on my t-shirt, not trample dirt into your carpets with my dirty boots,
  • Use dust sheets and be clean and tidy while I work
  • Not use foul language while working in your house
  • Park considerately and not upset the neighbours
  • Get materials organised in advance, start on time, finish on time and do a quality job.
  • Not call you love, mrs, sweetheart, sunshine, or mate or suck air through my teeth when you ask a question of how long or how much.

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