Do’s and Don’ts for working with your plasterer

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Hope you find my list of do’s and don’ts useful for a happy working relationship with your plasterer… and yes much of it involves tea as we are usually easily pleased.


  •  Answer the door with a smile on your face and look like you are happy to see me or at least expecting me.  It’s always nicer if customers are dressed when I turn up on time and don’t leave me standing on the doorstep while they have a shower.
  • Make a cup of tea straight away with refills every half an hour
  • Clear things from the room as we previously requested. Empty means empty.  We can make arrangements in advance for large items that are too difficult to move but our costs are based on time from what we have agreed with you previously and we have health and safety to consider.   Please note: large professional sized snooker tables and grand pianos will be covered with dust sheets and used as steps.
  • Pay promptly as agreed with a smile on your face


  • Make tea with UHT or powdered milk, or make tea in the microwave or in cups that have remains of bleach in them.
  • Leave the last bits of wallpaper for me to get off unless you don’t mind us charging you extra cost for the extra time this takes.
  • Use me as a child minder whilst I am skimming a ceiling and you pop to the shop for milk. 
  • Leave me with unsupervised mad dogs running about playing a game of “fetch the trowel”
  • Assume that the plaster will be white! All our quotes say it will be pink (the colour of standard multi-finish plaster).  There is an extra option provided in our quotes for painting or for using white plaster.

 For my part I will

  • Wear jeans that fit, have no rude slogans on my t-shirt, not trample dirt into your carpets with my dirty boots,
  • Use dust sheets and be clean and tidy while I work
  • Not use foul language while working in your house
  • Park considerately and not upset the neighbours
  • Get materials organised in advance, start on time, finish on time and do a quality job.
  • Not call you love, mrs, sweetheart, sunshine, or mate or suck air through my teeth when you ask a question of how long or how much.

19 Aug – Is Twitter for Trades?

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Well, I am loving this experiment so far and what an interesting day!

Stats: Tweets=19, Following=184, Followers=49, Mentions=8, Reach 474 (Twitter Analyzer showed our Reach yesterday as 3112)  Blog Hits = 30 

Even though I feel like Briget Jones writing these stats every day and that the phone has not yet rung as a direct result of twitter, we are extremely happy with the levels of interaction and communication with our local community. 

Having a direct message today from someone up the road from us saying “Hi Tim and Max. Welcome to twitter. Great to see a trade firm using it.”  is very encouraging and supportive for us.  Thanks also to the people who have tweeted links to our blog.

Huge highlight today is that our blog has been viewed 30 times!  This might be teeny to some of you guys on twitter but for a tradesperson to get that many hits of people viewing info on our company, pictures of our work, services we offer, testimonials from customers,  is great!  Even the most boring page on our blog was viewed (FAQ)

We also had one referral to our blog from which we didn’t recognise and had to look it up and apparently this is “The most popular tweets on the web”. 

Apart from tweeting a lot today in general chit chat terms, we also sent out a link to our Offer exclusive to Twitter, a link to work done yesterday with pictures, and a twitpic of us working last week on a ceiling.

We have continued to follow other peoples followers, used saved searches, viewed # tags and wefollow.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to tweeting tomorrow.  If you come across anyone in Huntingdon or Cambridgeshire then feel free to tell them our twitter id is @floatld 🙂

In the meantime if you have a leaking loo, or want your ceilings skimmed, or your bathroom refitted, you know where we are 🙂

Regards, Tim and Max

PS – Oh, and since you are reading our blog… you may aswell comment now that you are here 🙂 Any feedback and comments welcome.

Twitter intro … a bit about @Floatltd

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Thanks for following! I just read an article suggesting I link to a bit about me as a fellow Tweeter so here goes …

tim in van 126 x 86 for homepage

Most of my tweets are general chit chat or about plastering, plumbing, garage conversions and generally running a small business in the trades sector.   I am a bit of a newbie but have read info to pick up tips. Sorry if I get things wrong occasionally or don’t follow twitter etiquette.

Other info on me as a Tweeter:

  • A lot of my followers are either based in Huntingdon, and Cambridgeshire or are connected with trades or small businesses in some way (though there are spammers in my list that I haven’t got rid of yet)
  • I will try to RT and Mention as much as possible, when relevant & interesting to followers or when I think they could contribute or give advice or join in fun
  • If you want including on a #ff just DM me but don’t be offended if I don’t #ff you as it’s probably that I have #ff too many people that day and don’t want to irritate others.
  • My wife is my business partner who sometimes tweets for Float. To follow her directly  @maxinemaxxy or @creditmanageruk 

For more info on our services please visit

Thanks for following and looking forward to our tweets


17 Aug 2009 – Is Twitter for Trades?

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A little update since yesterday ended seeing as it is early days


Following = 106  Followers = 20 (inc spam),

Tweets = 7, Reach = 163, RT= 1, Mentions 0

Blog Hits = 16

Thoughts & lessons from today:

  • Tweeted the 2 for 1 Offer which was retweeted once
  • Think that a lot of local people that I am following are either students/teenagers/people who have not tweeted for a long time so I don’t expect a high proportion of those to follow me back
  • Got caught out with someone who seemed to want a twitter debate on a specialist topic (not related to my trade) so will learn to keep mouth shut (or fingers away from the keyboard) as I couldn’t explain what I wanted to say properly in 140 characters or less, and avoid this type of scenario as not useful to image or best use of time 🙂  No hard feelings, just one less follower!
  • Made a mistake with using multiple accounts and one of my tweets was “echoed” meaning it came from both accounts to lesson learned to be careful when using tweetdeck to make sure I am only tweeting from one account at a time! 

That’s it for now.  Just general tweeting tomorrow with no goals or expectations, just going with the flow (flow.. plumber.. get it?) 🙂

Tomorrow we will be doing some work to a chimney breast, knocking parts of it down, then making good and skimming so will make an effort to get some pics to post with an up to date blog article and see if we can get our customer to add a comment to keep our content fresh and up to date.

Garage conversion for office space

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1 200 x 250 brick wallThis garage conversion created space for 3 office workstations plus a reception room.








2 200 x 250 knocking through3 200 x 250 knocked through








4 200 x 250 insulation 15 200 x 250 insulation 2








6 200 x 250 insulation 37 300 x 250 insulation 4








8 300 x 250 plastering 19 300 x 250 skimmed other room








10 300 x 250 skimmed back door








11 300 x 250 skimmed back door 2








12 300 x 250 skimmed looking through 1








13 250 x 300 offices 1









14 250 x 300 offices 2









15 250 x 300 offices 3









16 250 x 300 offices 4

Ceiling repair and plumbing leak fix

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1 300 x 250 ceiling skimWe fixed a plumbing leak and repaired the ceiling and skimmed the ceiling smooth.







2 250 x 250 plumbing








3 250 x 300 plumbing









4 250 x 300 ceiling

Bathroom refit with basin unit

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1 250 x 200 bath controlsFor this bathroom refit the bath, basin, toilet, shower and radiator were replaced and the basin was mounted onto a vanity unit with marble top.





2 250 x 300 basin unit









3 250 x 300 shower 1









5 250 x 300 radiator 1









4 250 x 300 valve









6 250 x 300 radiator 2









7 250 x 300 basin unit

Bathroom refit with shower and bathroom furniture

May 17, 2009 at 10:42 pm | Posted in Bathrooms, Ensuites, plastering, plumbing, radiators, showers, Skimmed ceilings, Skimmed walls, Tiling | 1 Comment
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1 250 x 300 shower, cabinet and basinThis bathroom in Huntingdon was refitted to remove the bath and fit a large shower enclosure with a tall cabinet.  The basin and toilet were replaced, the floor was tiled, the ceiling was skimmed and the walls were painted.  Spotlights were fitted to the smooth ceiling.






2 250 x 300 basin










3 250 x 300 toilet









4 250 x 300 radiator









5 25 x 300 shower









6 250 x 300 valve

Garage Conversion in Cambridge

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These photos just show the skimming stages of a garage conversion in Cambridge

1 300 x 250 boarded








1 300 x 250 skimmed








3 300 x 250 skimmed








4 300 x 250 window








5 300 x 250 dorma 1








6 300 x 250 skimmed 2








7 300 x250 skimmed 3








8 300 x250 skimmed 4








9 300 x 250 dorma 2

Garage Conversion in Stukeley Meadows

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This garage conversion in Stukeley Meadows was to be used as a home office.

1 300 x 250 window2 300 x 250 door








3 300 x 250 window and door out








4 300 x 250 studwork







5 300 x 250 loft insulation








6 300 x 250 boarded ceiling








7 300 x 250 insulated pb








8 300 x 250 window insulated








9 300 x 250 door and plasterboard








10 300 x 250 skimmed








11 300 x 250 skimmed ceiling and spotlights








12 300 x 250 finished

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