Anyone got a job for Dan?

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Our nephew Dan worked with us last year for about a year and a half but then moved away from the area.  He has now come to live with us again and needs to find a job.  We would take him on as he is a hard worker and we can vouch for his friendly and helpful personality but unfortunately we have already taken on an apprentice and cannot take on another one just yet.  Perhaps in a years time but not right now.

So, if anyone is looking for someone with the following skills and experience to work in Huntingdon or local to Huntingdon, please email and we will pass on to Dan.

Skills and Experience

  • General labouring (plastering), mixing plaster, application of backing coats, preparing areas for plastering including scraping/bonding/dustsheets, cleaning up, making lots of tea.
  • General labouring (plumbing) includes removing bathroom furniture for bathroom refits including removing tiles, old flooring, old suites (after being capped off).
  • Bar work – washing up, serving customers, collecting glasses, handling cash
  • Cleaning – hoovering, washing up, general cleaning
  • Bricklaying – building and taking down walls, completing various joint finishes, attended college course in bricklaying Apr 05 – May 06

Thanks for looking and hopefully he can help someone out there 🙂


20 Aug 2009 – Is Twitter for Trades?

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Stats: Following 184, Followers 65, Tweets=8, Mentions 12, Reach 672, Blog hits 20.

I am ashamed to say that we were a bit too busy to tweet today. Tim was shaking his head whilst tweeting today as he still does not get it at all!

It reminds me a bit of when rubik’s cubes came out. Everyone understood the principle that you had to go the long way round to get all the colours on the right sides but very few persevered with it. I was one of those people who had a go but could only get three sides done, Tim couldn’t do one side, and then there were the smart arses who not only did it, but did it in record time or one handed, and then wrote a book about it 🙂

But we have had 20 hits on our blog! That is less than yesterday but still more than we ever had in one day BT(Before Twitter).

Yesterday we tweeted 19 times and got 30 hits whereas today we tweeted 8 only times and got 20 hits so perhaps that is better use of time?

The fact remains that we are still getting known in the community which is our aim. It is a bonus that 4 people viewed our garage conversion pages as we just want to get people locally remembering that we do them if an opportunity for that sort of project comes up so they will either contact us or suggest us when otherwise it may have been an opportunity lost.

So Tim and I are having split views on twitter for trades at the moment. He thinks I could be spending my time more effectively and I have told him to get lost 🙂 (typical married-couple-business-discussion for us). I think we still have a way to go but are on the right track. However, we are probably at a stage at the moment where we need to find quicker ways of doing things so that is my aim for tomorrow. I know that I personally am not responding very well to all the scheduled/automated blurb with promotional links that are repeatedly churned out so I don’t want to go down that route. Maybe just automating a “Thanks for following and this is us” type message that I have seen others use would be OK along with an acceptable tweet about current offers just in case I forget to do either or don’t have the time when I could be spending that time having conversations instead.

I had a conversation with another plumber today who had a negative view on twitter and he shares Tim’s view that twitter is an advertising tool and compared with other methods such as putting an ad in the paper or doing a leaflet drop it has a low return on effort. I wonder if that is how a lot of tradespeople view this?

As always, comments and advice greatly appreciated 🙂

Bathroom refit cream tiles and border

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1 250 x 300 basin and tilingThis bathroom refit near Peterborough replaced the toilet, basin, bath, radiator and shower.  The ceiling was skimmed smooth and the floor and walls were tiled.







2 250 x 300 tiled floor









3 250 x 300 basin and toilet









4 250 x 300 basin toilet and radiator









5 250 x 300 bath









6 250 x 300 shower

Board and skim extension

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250 x 300 extension 1

This extension on Sapley road required plasterboarding and skimming to the walls and the vaulted ceiling.








300 x 250 extension 2300 x 250 extension 3








300 x 250 extension 4








300 x 250 extension 6

Ensuite walk in enclosure with shower recess

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shower and recess 1This ensuite was refitted to take out a small shower enclosure with a false partition wall and to create more light and space in the room using a walk in enclosure.

The tray was non slip for this elderly customer and the recessed shower area provided somewhere to sit ie; for washing feet. 

The ceiling was skimmed smooth over patterned artex and the floor and walls were tiled.  A toilet and basin were also fitted in a different position than before and the customer was delighted with the new ensuite.

shower head ceiling skim and recess 250 x 200valve and recess 250 x 200150 x 200 recess boarded 2200 x 150 recess boarded 4150 x 200 valve and board200 x 150 shower head tiled and skimmed200 x 150 valve and recessshower and recess 2 edge of toilet and non slip200 x 150 tiled floor

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