Is Twitter for Trades? 21 Aug 09

August 22, 2009 at 6:17 pm | Posted in Twitter | 3 Comments

As a summary for the week I would just start by saying that our blog has been viewed 103 times.

We have not had any enquiries as a direct result of using twitter and the time spent getting used to things and generally tweeting is time that we probably could have used more productively in terms of generating leads and enquiries.

following and followers

Twitter analyzer does not provide stats for us for followers growth rate so here is our own graphs.





 Spam followers have been blocked so that for tracking purposes the number of followers closely represents our target audience.  

 We do feel that now that we have invested time initially in getting some local followers, finding twitter applications to help us do what we want to do, and generally getting more organised with using twitter that it should be a lot easier for us to maintain.

tweets and blog hits

 We have put this graph together to track the relationship between number of tweets and blog hits.

Hits do come from other sources but the majority is via twitter.


 Due the nature of our plumbing work we do not expect there to be much of an immediate response to any of our tweets. This is in line with the rest of our marketing. People do not think “That blog article looks good, I think I shall have a leaking pipe and flood the bathroom!”

The aim of us using twitter is simply to help us get known locally with an image of professionalism so that we will be remembered for a future need or when a project is being planned for plastering, bathroom refits or garage conversions. 

103 blog hits is a very good achievement for us and we are happy with this and we are enjoying twitter more now that we have settled into using it.

As always, comments, suggestions, advice are all welcome 🙂


Max & Tim



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  1. A very efficient way for you to manage your connections on twitter is a tool called tweetdeck, which enables you to easily set up groups and follow specific conversations.

    It is always good to see trade businesses develop social networking tools and as you rightly say you wont necessarily get immediate custom, but as one of my accounts follows you I have a constant easy reminder of who you guys are.

  2. Hello Maxine & Tim,
    I wish you well with your twitter adventure.
    My personal opinion is that Twitter is as good for tradesmen as it is salesmen. After all I wouldn’t invite a plumber from the yellow pages to enter my home, but I would someone I have built a rapport with, even if it was in multiples of 140 characters!
    Also, I don’t know any other plumbers on here, (never mind local ones) so you have a niche at the moment…
    Best Regards, Toni

  3. Thanks so much for your comments. We are using tweetdeck as you have mentioned anarchyintheuk (great name by the way… reminds me of a song) 🙂 And great that you have a reminder of who we are for future custom as that is all we are hoping for.

    Toni what a great analogy of yellow pages versus rapport built up on twitter 🙂

    Thanks for comments, really appreciated.

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