18 Aug 2009 – Is Twitter for Trades?

August 18, 2009 at 9:30 am | Posted in Twitter | 2 Comments


Following = 112, Followers 33 (inc spam)  Tweets = 11, Reach = 2973  Blog Hits = 13

Thoughts & Lessons

Today was a busy day in the office and I struggled to find time to tweet but still managed to have 6 “chats” and “mentioned” 9 times.  I am not sure why but twitter analyser is not showing follower growth rate yet.

I sent out one “offer” tweet today but most of our hits on our blog were to the “Is Twitter for Trades?” Article for yesterday.

Two other plasterers are now following us (yeay!) which will hopefully get some plastering chat going and compare experiences of using twitter.

We have also downloaded a few more photos of work so these will be added to the blog tomorrow and I might even brave using twitpic and see what feedback we get.

Thank you to our faithful retweeters! And I say thank you as I know it is not RT for the sake of it but because the tweet was hopefully relevant and interesting to those tweeters followers, thanks again.

My thoughts so far are a) the phone hasn’t rung in response to our activity on twitter but b) that is not the main point at least not at this very early stage. Our main aim is to get ourselves known a bit more locally hopefully with a building image of trust, quality just being nice people and I feel that is being achieved.  

The impressive thing today is that our “reach” is 2973 (from 163 yesterday!) which may not be very meaningful, I don’t know, but consider how many small plastering and plumbing firms have that kind of audience to communicate with at the touch of a button? 

Thanks again to everyone for help and advice and looking forward to tweeting more 🙂

Max and Tim



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  1. Hey guys you’re doing the right thingand Twitter is a ‘part’ of your marketing mix. I think over time you will benefit but it will take time. Was the Anvil Electrics suggestion any use?

  2. Thanks Neil and yes it was 🙂 When we started to use twitter we went into it with open mind so no expectations but funny how you get the bug 🙂

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